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Your blog is boring and your photos suck

“Your blog is boring & your photography sucks” takes a new approach to the topic of quality in photoblogging and blogging in general.

There are millions of great blogs and great photos on the web- but for every one that is published, there are more left to languish on hard drives and memory cards because the creator didn’t think they were good enough.

However, deep down everyone has a voice, either through a lens or through the written word, and it is in finding that voice, and sharing it, that greatness happens.

Through examples of his photographic work, Syx will discuss his own creative process, the opportunities that the world of blogging has opened up, as well as the headaches that the backend caused along the way. With the assistance of his wordpress wizard, Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Syx’s lecture will be comically interrupted with pointers, tips and comments as to where He could have made his blog experience better, more visible and the design of his blogs more user friendly.

"Your blog is boring & your photography sucks" will explore Syx & Morten's different perspectives on the journey into the blog world and will discuss some of the concerns & solutions that creative people are faced with when publishing their content online.

Syx and Morten bring a new perspective to the Vancouver blogging and photo community that will inspire everyone to elevate their photo blogging to a new level.

"After graduating from the University of Windsor BFA program 1998, Syx continues to push himself and his photography, studying with internationally known photographers such as Ralph Gibson, Joe McNally, Freeman Patterson and Greg Gorman as well as instructing photography classes at Vancouver Photo Workshops since 2005.
Syx has been photographing his own unique world since 1993. My models often find themselves in strange angular poses, gently contorting and twisting themselves to fit the frame.  His street photography projects document the vanishing world around us attempts to capture the hidden voice of the city. His commercial and fashion work has graced the pages of magazines such as Skin Two & IONmagazine.
Morten Rand-Hendriksen is a web developer, designer and educator living and working in Burnaby, BC. He has published three books and a video series on Expression Web through Pearson Publishing, is the author of WordPress 3 Essential Training from and runs the popular WordPress, xWeb and web design blog Design is Philosophy. He has built WordPress based blogs and sites for everyone from local bloggers to international magazines, Korean gossip magazines to Norwegian banks."

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